Friday, October 12, 2012

Blessed, yet Unknown

I know I'm blessed. I have a pretty good idea of what it is to be born to a great family. Loving, understanding, and most of all, sacrificial. God blessed me with a support system I've never doubted...

So why on Earth do I feel so damned tiny at a comment I very well could have misunderstood? Why is it I'm so damned emotional that I let a few words smudge so many years of love, kindness and care?

How is it that words, these simple symbols we take for granted and use to create and to destroy have so much power? I think i just answered my own question. They destroy. I feel destroyed.

Yes, I know I'm blessed, but dammit how is it that the main person for which not only did I decide to open up a Facebook account, but also the main reason I kept it... Happens to be the same person that makes an indirect, uncalled for remark that just cannot be misunderstood?

I will always think it. I'm blessed I am the daughter of my father... But after 32 years, he barely knows me.

... I just realized this is the first post I've ever written in English.