Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Proof is in the Blogging

Yeah, I know. It's been a little a while since I've visited. But after this crazy season winds down, I promise I'll be back with a few pretty good ponderings, and maybe even some entertaining stories.

I just had to lock in this last post before the end of the year. Before getting stopped dead in my tracks, slapped right in the middle of my face, perhaps even mid-frolic ;-), by that new pseudo-hope that inevitably appears with New Year's Day.

And yes, I'm being extra concerned about something that most likely only matters to me, but that's precisely the point. Apart from my family and friends, you're one of the things that remains that I truly and genuinely care about. You're my blog, one of the strongest pieces of proof that I was once sane and then went insane, and have been in that back-and-forth ever since. How could I possibly let you go?

What would I have done without you when I went into those places so dark I would have never found my way out, because there was no one I could talk to that could so much as start trying to understand, or even accept?

Who would I have turned to in the times life decided to add in the shock factor of a surprise on top of another, even before I recuperated from the first? I would have never been able to handle myself and react as the classy broad I am!!

I promise I won't outgrow you, Blog. I don't think I ever could. Thanks for everything to you, my ever unconditional friend, and to your little sister, the password protected one, for helping me keep the secrets of a friend I thought would be just as unconditional.

And yes, you, reading this, you're most welcome to call me crazy for talking to something inanimate. But in all honesty... Do I look like I can afford therapy?

With that... Cheers, everyone. Here's to an outstanding 2015. May it be ever fulfilling, ever unforgettable, and ever unique.

... Just like my blog.