Sunday, December 08, 2013

Bad Influences

I really, really, REALLY need to tone down this darned negativity. This time it's not my boss picking it up, it's really good friends and co-workers. That is worse in certain ways.

I'm arguing with people about stupid, secondary, unimportant issues, complaints I can fully keep to myself, pet peeves that should be strictly that, peeves, not topics of long, and even public discussions. I'm dropping F bombs like I've never known to do (was never a fan of swearing growing up) I'm putting myself in a super non flattering light that shows such a dramatic, exaggerated side of me. I'm beginning to hate that side.

Living paycheck by paycheck is really taking its toll on me. I know I should be grateful I have a job, I'm healthy, I have a healthy, loving family. It's the stuff I don't have that is getting me as down and out of place as an islander in New England Weather... wait a minute, that's me!

There is so much I should be thankful for. And I am internally. Really. There are moments I can put aside all my frustration and remember that others don't even have families, jobs, a plate on their table. But this is a very difficult country to be a conformist in. This is the country that slaps you in the face with consumerism as soon as you walk out the door.

And this is not a post of all the material things I want for Christmas. Definitely not. This is about those relationships that appear to be slipping away. One specifically. I've done such an outstanding job at becoming more detached with my friends, not expecting them to be in touch with me every day, closing my eyes and hoping for the best if they disappear on me. Hell, I don't even get back to voicemails anymore.

But once in a while I fall off the wagon, and just like an alcoholic that missed his whiskey so damned much, my anxiety is so much worse this time around. I find myself waking up at four, five o'clock in the morning, to try to remember better times, simpler days. Not even from years ago. Just a month ago. Days when one person could come up to me, show me how pretty I apparently am, and I'd actually believe it, and give in, have fun and reciprocate the compliment. Now, even if there were any compliments, which there most certainly are not, I would probably end up feeling like that person wants something.

It doesn't really help that the people I'm talking to the most this week have very little positivity in them to begin with. My sister's got this aggressive road rage that appears to drag on right after she gets out of her car. My associate's going through extremely rough times, she just wants to let go of everything. I've been in that situation before, and if I had a blog back then (and a daughter), I probably wouldn't have considered suicide. My sales rep keeps complaining about the stupidest things. The woman willfully had no kids, owns her own place, and makes good money. Did she really just complain about the company we work for? My AP rep is probably the worst influence. I find myself cackling, laughing at people, not in the cute, "Oh, she's so corky" kind of way, but in the "OMG, can I please beat her up just once" kind of way, each time she steps into my cubicle.

We all live truly great lives. Yet we seem to concentrate on such petty ass things. We need to go back to celebrating people's success, still making fun of them one in a while, of course, but highlighting the fun of it. I think I may start by actually saying "Good morning" to an intern we have. She's never done crap to me, I can't even blame her for distracting me. The fact she annoys me doesn't justify me ignoring her. I'm sure I have characteristics that annoy people. They don't ignore me for them.

I'm pretty sure she's terrified of me, too, the poor thing. A few days ago she ran the other way when I unconsciously sat in the area where she usually sits for the Friday Morning Meeting.

I can't be making people uncomfortable again. Things need to change. I can sit here and blame all the bad influences around me, but at the end of the day, I'm the only one responsible for what comes out of my mouth, the same way I'm the only one responsible for what goes in it.

I'm sure today will be the longest day before my pseudo-experiment. But I plan on keeping positive. Never been a believer of this positive vibes crap, so let's say it's not even with that purpose. Let's just see what happens when I concentrate on those great little things I have, not take for granted all the big ones, and acknowledge, respect and maybe even get to like all the ones in between.

Have a positively wonderful week!!

... k, that was, like, totally pushing it. Sorry. No idea where that came from.

Enjoy your week :-)



Me! said...

Hey! long time we dont talk but I keep checking your blog at least once a month to see if you post something!

Love! - pototo!

Sugar Lips said...
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GirlFromSantiago said...

I don't understand why you don't just hit me up and stop being a ghost that appears once a year.

Me! said...
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